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As a major law firm, you face an array of professional resource management challenges daily: leadership and talent development, career management, transition, client relationship management and marketing and business development. You could divide these issues among a number of separate consultants, or hire a large company that handles thousands of clients.

Or you could choose us. Greiner Consulting is a market leader in the legal career management field. As a boutique, we place a premium on personalized, one-on-one services. Our expertise in the areas of transition, career management, coaching and training has been well recognized by industry leaders for nearly 20 years. The top law firms that retain us are consistently impressed by our dedication and know-how, along with the sophistication of our approach.

Given our reputation, together with our ability to create an environment in which change and growth work for everyone’s benefit, law firm leaders regularly call upon us to handle some of their most sensitive and complex situations. In fact, many of our client relationships span as many years as we have been in business. We inspire trust in our clients and we achieve results.

Greiner Consulting is pleased to offer its services both nationally and internationally, assisting clients from the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. We have offices in New York, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, and San Francisco and consult regularly in major markets throughout the U.S. including Chicago, Boston, Miami, Houston, Charlotte, Denver, Pittsburgh and elsewhere.