Joi Y. Bourgeois, Esq.

Joi Y. Bourgeois, Esq.

Vice President & Director of Business Development

I couldn’t have done it without Joi’s help – I don’t have the experience or perspective she has. I consider her a valuable partner.

Partner, AmLaw 100 Firm

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Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.

Albert Einstein

Tell us about your career before joining Greiner Consulting Group.

I am from the Midwest, so I headed to Northwestern, where I received a B.A. in Political Science. Once I arrived at New York University Law School, I knew right away that I never wanted to leave the City. I started as a transactional attorney at Rogers & Wells (n/k/a Clifford Chance) before joining the corporate practice at Richards Kibbe & Orbe. Later, I served as a business development manager for the legal division of Spherion Workforce Architects, and then went in-house with Dan Klores Communications, a prominent public relations firm.

Having practiced corporate law for many years, what drew you to attorney career development work?

I met Jennifer Greiner at a networking event and was impressed with her savvy and approach. Career coaching for practicing lawyers fascinated me; so, I hired Jennifer to be my coach. Through my work with her, I developed my thinking around how I could contribute to the profession outside of practice. We continued building our relationship and, a few years later, Jennifer invited me to partner with her to coach others, as she had done so skillfully with me, and to help grow the business.

Describe your role with Greiner Consulting Group.

I coach partners, counsel, and associates at global, national, and regional firms throughout the US and abroad to help them achieve their goals. Now in my 17th year as a career development specialist, I have counseled thousands of attorneys on issues as varied as advancement, transition, leadership, practice development, and preparation for a “second act” as senior partners think about how to approach retirement. I draw on my background as a practicing attorney, and my experience in corporate marketing, to guide attorneys to effectively position themselves in and outside their firms, and to build meaningful public profiles. Additionally, I direct our nationwide business development efforts. I love that each of these roles allows me to practice what I strongly believe, which is that relationships are everything.

Say more about the "power of the relationship." Is that a personal mantra?

Yes, it sure is! I have seen for myself, and for countless others, the value of cultivating a full spectrum of relationships. When coaching my clients, I take a compassionate approach, guiding them to tap into the power of relationship to achieve their objectives. This doesn’t negate the importance of what they know and what they can do, but it is the power of the connection between individuals that enhances their ability to produce results. It is not a skill that lawyers learn in school, or even while “growing up” as lawyers in private practice. I genuinely enjoy supporting my clients in reigniting their own personal power relative to people they know, and guiding them to thoughtfully leverage those relationships in a mutually beneficial way.

Are you active in the legal community?

Yes, very. I practice what I preach. I am an active member of the New York City Bar Association and frequently present there and at national association conferences (PDI, NALP and PDC) on topics such as partner branding, talent retention, and leadership skills for diverse attorneys.

You have such depth of experience coaching lawyers. What do they say about you?

They report that I am effective and that I am an expert at what I do. A client recently shared that I provided the “beacon” she needed to find her way. I want to be known as someone who does things extremely well. I find that I’m able to put my clients at ease quickly because they recognize that I know my material. My work often revolves around challenging times for our clients, and it is very satisfying to calm their anxieties and help them focus on a successful future.

Compliments from

I got the offer! I’m really excited about it — very relieved — to say the least. Many, many thanks for all your help and support in this long, tortured process. I got into a very intense zone, focusing on interviews… and keeping in mind all you had said about networking. It was always very reassuring to know you were there in the wings if I ever needed to re-align myself, re-strategize, etc. Your guidance in how to position myself on paper and in interviews, strategizing about firms and options, getting me fired up about re-connecting with contacts – these were all critical to my getting the offer.

Partner, AmLaw 100 Firm

Joi is fantastic! She helped me through every phase of the search — strategy, resumé revisions, LinkedIn updates, out reach calls and emails, and helped me evaluate job options. She also provided a lot of resources to make my search easier and more organized. In addition, Joi gave me a lot of emotional support throughout the process. I always ended our conversations with a plan on what to do next. I really believe I would not have found my next job — which I am very excited to have — without Joi.

Partner, AmLaw 100 Firm

Joi was instrumental in helping me search for new career opportunities. I am looking forward to expanding my practice and becoming a more well-rounded transactional attorney. The marketing and network skills she teaches have been invaluable. In addition, she helped me realize the importance of developing and maintaining relationships. It was a terrific service and I’ll continue to build upon what she taught me throughout the rest of my career.

Senior Corporate Attorney, AmLaw 100 Firm

I am thankful for the outstanding professional services provided by Greiner Consulting, and, in particular, Joi Bourgeois. Joi always provided exceptional and insightful work product, and did so with an unbelievably positive attitude. She is truly an expert in her field.

Senior Counsel, AmLaw 100 Firm

You all have been spectacular, and I can’t thank you enough. Joi, you have been invaluable to me throughout this process. As much as your professional guidance has been spot-on, I’ve really appreciated your willingness to listen to me vent from time to time, and your unfailing attentiveness and responsiveness. Thank you.

Counsel, AmLaw100 Firm

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