Patricia J. Ellis

Patricia J. Ellis

Managing Director, Career Management & Transition Services

I don’t think I could have made this difficult transition without Patti’s unflagging wisdom, advice, and support. I learned so much from her that will serve me well throughout my career.

Senior Counsel, AmLaw 100 Firm

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The important thing is this: to be ready at any moment to sacrifice what you are for what you could become.

Charles Dickens

You have worked at several top tier law firms; can you tell us a little about your experience?

I worked in law firm management for almost 25 years, primarily in associate development and recruitment at several of New York’s leading firms. I developed and managed a wide range of firm initiatives, focusing on career planning and development, leadership, organizational development, talent management, and feedback. I was also responsible for all aspects of the attorney evaluation process and compensation review and successfully incorporated the results into training programs.

How else does your experience help you and your clients?

Having worked exclusively in the legal industry, I have vast knowledge of the market through my roles in professional development and my direct involvement in partner, associate and counsel recruitment. I worked collaboratively with firm leadership to ascertain recruiting needs, and managed the entire process from initial stages through lateral onboarding and integration. Through this involvement, I developed a deep understanding of the business of law firms, gained a firsthand view of talent acquisition and retention, and an appreciation for the complex landscape in which business and law firm leaders operate. It is through this lens that I counsel clients to help them discover and achieve their career goals.

How did you find your way to Greiner Consulting Group?

Prior to joining the Greiner Consulting Group team, I was the Director of Associate Development and Recruitment at Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft. While I had managed a large team of PD managers, I made time to personally counsel both lawyers and staff on career issues of interest to them. I was also directly involved in the development and delivery of educational programs that were designed to address the specific needs of the firm’s attorneys. We retained Greiner Consulting Group to work with some of our attorneys and I was immediately impressed with the quality of their services. I was particularly drawn to join Greiner Consulting Group because it presented an opportunity to continue the work I most love on a broader scale.

How do you work with clients?

My approach is practical and supportive, and my goal is to be as helpful as I can. It’s important to listen fully to each client’s goals and work closely with them through every phase of the process. Throughout, I help them maintain a discipline and rigor, while keeping them motivated and focused in their efforts. We work together to map out steps to attain goals that are achievable and measureable. Being fully prepared at every step helps our clients to maintain the confidence they need to be successful ongoing.

You maintain such close ties to professionals you have managed and mentored over the years, what's your secret?

There is no secret, but I am genuinely interested in each individual that I have worked with and am willing to extend myself. Being a military brat, I understand first hand the value of public service and helping others. I also believe strongly that an effective leader is one who allows those on the team to take on responsibility and shine, being supportive, encouraging, and leading by example. I think that is why many of my former colleagues still seek me out for guidance, advice and support.

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Having spent more than twenty years at the same AmLaw 50 firm, I felt insulated from job insecurity and scoffed at the need for outplacement services. Was I ever wrong; Patti was invaluable in calming, organizing and motivating me. She was a conduit to the world of social media. Her professionalism, encouragement and positive attitude resulted in my obtaining a new position with another firm in a brief period of time. Moreover, I developed new business relationships with some great people! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Counsel, AmLaw 50 Firm

I do not think I could have made this difficult transition without Patti’s unflagging wisdom, advice and support. I learned so much from her that will serve me well throughout my career.

Senior Counsel, AmLaw 100 Firm

Thank you all for your encouragement, coaching and sage advice. A special thank you to Patti, for being available to me by phone and in person, week after week and whenever I needed.

Counsel, AmLaw 100 Firm

I got a job!!! I couldn’t have gotten through this without your help. You have taught me SO much about how to market myself and get a job, and I took all your advice to heart. I know I will use the skills I’ve learned from you forever.

Senior Litigation Associate, AmLaw 100 Firm

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