About Us

We get attorneys. Crafting each individual’s success, Greiner Consulting has strategized with attorneys for over 25 years. With a trademark balance of wisdom, listening, creative thinking, and action, thousands of lawyers and the firms they work with benefit from our training, career counseling, and executive coaching. Greiner Consulting moves attorneys forward.

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Our Company

Experience with success. Data to prove it. Greiner Consulting Group is known as the undisputed gold standard in the career management field within the legal profession. Founded in 1991, we are distinguished in the marketplace as the trusted resource that law firm leaders turn to in handling some of their most sensitive and complex situations. We are proud of our track record of excellence and the client relationships we have cultivated and strengthened for over two decades.

We are a collective of strategic thinkers, masterful attorney coaches, trainers, and project managers who provide specialized counseling, consulting, and professional development services for top firms in the legal industry worldwide — tailoring our approach and tactics to each firm’s individual structures and needs.

We consult with attorneys at all levels, from the most senior partners to junior associates, both nationally and internationally.

Our Mission

We are better together. Our fierce commitment to people supersedes all else. Greiner Consulting seeks out opportunities for people to thrive, ensuring growth, diversity, education, and success.

The Group is known for the core values of loyalty, creative thinking, and integrity. Committed to vibrant and enduring relationships, Greiner Consulting promises excellence in every endeavor.

Our Story

Bold leadership. At an unusually young age, Jennifer Greiner forged a welcome new direction in the legal career management domain. Determined to design a firm that set the highest bar, she opened Greiner Consulting in 1991. For close to 30 years she has ensured her team is on the cutting edge of the industry, making the firm a highly sought after place to work. The group is known for excellence, and dedication to every individual’s success.

What sets us apart?

Team of Legal Career Experts

We built a company employing a core team of dedicated professionals who work together seamlessly on behalf of our clients. The Group includes former practicing attorneys with business development, professional development, and human resources experience, along with experts who have spent their careers in counseling, recruiting, and professional development within the legal industry.

By executing a team-oriented approach we promise that our clients will reap the benefits of our varied expertise, perspectives, and styles. Our model ensures quality, consistency, teamwork, dedication, and the highest level of client service.

Custom Approach

We are non-formulaic, yet simultaneously apply proven processes and tactics that work. Our clients bring themselves to the conversation, exactly where they are, and we build a results-driven collaboration, tailored to their unique needs. We are flexible in our relationships with our client firms, who count on us to provide timely advice and design solutions that address specific and often immediate needs.

Neutrality and Confidentiality

Work is conducted with the utmost discretion, creating an environment in which clients feel secure in sharing highly confidential and sensitive information. This, together with an independent ownership structure free of conflicts of interest, allows us to provide the most comprehensive service and ensures the privacy that our work warrants and our clients rightfully expect.

Diverse Perspectives

We are a woman-owned and led enterprise. Our team brings unique insights and understanding to the career management process and has longstanding experience consulting with lawyers across a wide spectrum of backgrounds. At GCG, we are deeply committed to a culture of collaboration, commonality, and equality. We embrace and celebrate the diverse backgrounds of our team, our allies, and our clients – the people we serve. As inclusion is core to our purpose, we invest ourselves in learning, adapting, and exploring opportunities to advance individuals and DEI groups that support all people and cultures.