Eve Balick, Esq.

Eve Balick, Esq.

Director, Coaching & Transition Services

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Your career seems to embody the belief that one can do almost anything with a law degree! From eight years as a BigLaw litigator, to a career in PR focused on the non-profit sector, to a stint in tech before transitioning into career development for lawyers, what has made you so agile?

I’ve always chosen my next steps based on the maximum results that I can help others achieve, while also striving for impactful opportunities for myself. I like to take my future into my own hands whenever I can. Rather than “screening out” opportunities if I don’t meet 100% of the criteria in a job description, instead, I “screen in” and ask myself if I have the core skills for the role and feel excited about the opportunity. If I want something and believe I’d excel, I throw my hat in the ring. What’s the worst that can happen? Someone says no. I see only upside potential in this strategy. I find that my many career experiences give me a breadth of exposure to draw on; if I’m the person in the meeting who brings a fresh perspective, then I am adding value.

Having spent the last several years on the law school side, what inspired your decision to move into consulting?

I’ve gained wonderful experience engaging with law students and alumni on their career growth. The move into consulting interested me because I felt that working with attorneys at all levels of their professional journeys more fully tapped my broad array of career experiences. I have personally lived all stages of the associate track and have made several transitions in my own career, including working in both law adjacent and non-law positions. Having walked in their shoes, I relate to our clients. Consulting also excites me because each professional I coach is different; the nuances, career trajectories, and opportunities for growth provide a new experience with each new client.

As someone who has worked in many different types of organizations, including your own entrepreneurial endeavors, what drew you to Greiner Consulting Group?

GCG sets the gold standard in the legal career management space because of the synergy generated by the blend of talent within the group. The opportunity to thrive among an outstanding team of career coaches exhilarates me. I like to step up to the plate and swing big; I want to work with the best, contribute the most, and challenge myself to keep growing. It speaks to me that Jennifer Greiner lived out her vision to create GCG and built it to become the premier legal career consultancy. The company also values and fosters my entrepreneurial spirit, creative thinking, positive energy, and “can do” attitude. I’m drawn to our culture of combining wisdom with listening, creative thinking, and action. Connecting with attorneys, building meaningful relationships, helping clients to achieve their goals, and guiding them as they move successfully through their careers, shoulder to shoulder with my GCG colleagues, is exactly how I want to spend my days.

What are some significant changes you’ve seen since you first practiced law? What further changes do you see on the horizon?

One recent change in expectations is that lawyers are viewed by employers more holistically now, with an appreciation that lawyers have lives beyond work. Firms trust that their professionals can now work at the same high level while also navigating their personal lives.

Because loyalty, flexibility, and growth opportunities are key features that lawyers seek in employers, firms understand the need to align their organizational approach to better meet the expectations of their talent. Another change is in increased representation. While we have a long way to go, law firms have made progress in recognizing the value of diversity and promoting different voices in the room. Creating a culture of equity, inclusion, and belonging are critical. On the horizon, I expect and hope that both trends will accelerate and sustain.

You seem to be motivated by possibility and have, in many respects, been quite fearless in your own career path, how does that impact your approach to coaching?

I feel that I am a credible model for attorneys and law firm professionals — that you can thrive in different areas, whether they are legal, law adjacent, or outside of the law entirely. My own path demonstrates that transitions are opportunities. It is true what they tell you in law school: you can do many things with a law degree. Persuasive communication and strong analytical skills prepare you for many different paths. I listen deeply to each client, exploring the nuances of their individual strengths and goals. Risk tolerance, long-term objectives, relationships all must be considered and weighed. Sometimes one can take a lily pad approach, pursuing a role as a step toward a longer-term goal. I hope my ability to move through different facets of my own career serves to instill inspiration and a sense of possibility.

What do you find time for away from work?

I like to explore city neighborhoods with my husband and daughters. Two of my three daughters live in New York City, so there are plenty of opportunities. I enjoy low-key authentic restaurants, especially Thai and Chinese food, spicy preferred. I run regularly and love seeing movies in theatres, preferably accompanied by dark chocolate and salty snacks. I like dancing, strong coffee and wine, in no particular order. The personal goal that I fail at most often is drinking enough water; if you see me, please hand me a Hydro Flask.