Behavioral Interview Questions

Job interview preparation is one of the important ways in which we help attorneys achieve their transition goals. After 25 years of coaching and collecting data from thousands of attorneys, we have developed a set of interview prep materials based on our experience of what works in the interview process (with firms, government agencies, and in-house), which include behavioral questions.

Behavioral questions are a category of interview questions that attempt to elicit information that will help employers predict future outcomes based on past behavior. We have been observing a recent uptick in the frequency with which interviewers are asking these types of questions. They often start, “Tell me about a time when …” Covering a wide range of topics, these questions can be more difficult to prepare for in advance. As such, we advise applicants to practice and develop muscle around this type of interviewing even if the questions themselves may be a bit different every time.

An impressive list of behavioral questions posted on LinkedIn Talent Solutions have now been added to our already well-developed prep materials. After incorporating a practice of these questions in their interview preparation process, attorneys are reporting an increased sense of readiness and ease.

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