How to Conduct a Job Search While Working Full-time

If you work long hours, stop. Yes, you heard that right. Still do your job, and do it well, but don’t commit all your time to your current job. Fulfill all your responsibilities including client service. Promptly answer your emails, and return all calls from your clients. But you don’t have to give 150%. Try giving 110%, or even just 100%, and use the remaining time for your job search.

If your time is fully utilized by your current workload, try not to take on additional projects. Consider using the time off you’ve been banking to further your search. When possible, try to leave work early or on time and use this time to network or draft cover letters and submit online applications.

By carving out time you may find that you have bandwidth to go to networking events, time to socialize, exercise or see friends, which could lead to making new contacts, which may then lead you to your next job. At the very least, it will make you happier, more relaxed and in a much better frame of mind to advance your job search than if you were exhausted from giving your all (and then some) to a job that you have decided to leave.


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