Soft Skills Make a Difference

Here at GC Says, we have been discussing “soft skills” of late. In a recent podcast, Gretchin Rubin, author of Better than Before, shared a wise and easy tip to embrace (which applies in both the personal and professional context) that fosters greater connectedness and, arguably, reflects stronger social and communications skills, both of which are key “soft skills” – Engage in warm greetings and farewells.

How many of us skip the good morning pleasantries as we are entering the office? Or race out of the office at night? Whether it is a shared smile and hello to the receptionists, or a brief pause as you pass by certain colleagues and friend’s offices, take a moment to say good morning. And on your way out, share a goodbye and farewell. Engaging in some of these small pleasantries is an easy way to demonstrate soft skills that can leave a lasting impression.

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