Tech Tools For Job Seekers

With new technology continually coming on the scene, it can be difficult to weed through the abundant options to determine which ones are worthy of further exploration.
Below is a list of four technologies we think deserve a closer look.

This app is useful to see how your resume stacks up against a job posting where a company is utilizing applicant screening software. First, it allows you to compare your resume to the relevant job description through the app, which scans for keywords. Then, Jobscan lets you know how many keywords your resume contains so you can fine-tune your language to better match the description. With a more on point resume, you are more likely to make it to the interview stage.

JibberJobber & ASANA
We have always been strong advocates of finding a user-friendly way to organize your networking and job search efforts and JibberJobber does just that. You can track your contacts, companies you are interested in, and jobs applied for, as well as take notes about your job search. And, if you are working with a job coach, consider using a sharing platform such as ASANA, which allows you to share this type of information with other parties.

A daily email sent to you with a synopsis of the trending news of the day and links to details if you want to know more. An easy and entertaining way to stay on top of the most important daily news so you don’t sound uninformed in interviews or when networking.

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