To Do or Not to Do? Send Thank You Notes After an Interview

After an interview, applicants often ask whether they should send a thank you note to the person(s) with whom they interviewed and, if so, whether they should email it or send a handwritten note. Do these notes matter and impact the hiring decision?

Sending a well-drafted thank you note within a day or two of your interview may help further the positive impression that you made and serve as a “marketing” event! It also helps you stand out from job candidates who do not do so, and demonstrates your commitment to taking the extra step and following up. Everyone appreciates being thanked for his or her time.

While in this day of technology, a handwritten note may stand out more; there may be drawbacks to this type of note depending on the company’s culture. For example, if you interviewed at a technology company or the people you met seem to be more acclimated to emails, then a note by mail may seem outdated. Also, gatekeepers to the professional may throw out mail that is not easily identifiable, making email the generally preferable route.

Just as a thank you note can help promote your candidacy, sending one that is poorly crafted or has typos, or is too lengthy and attempts to “remake the case for your candidacy” may have exactly the opposite effect!

Thank the interviewer for his/her time, share what you took from the meeting and confirm your interest. And, don’t forget to proof, proof, proof!

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